Thursday, January 22, 2009


Santa brought Lauren's letterman jacket after the holidays. She was thrilled! I tried to get her to order a larger size, but she ordered an XXS insisting it will continue to fit her when she goes to her 30th class reunion (Kirk occasionally wears HIS during Halloween). I love the hopefulness of young people.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kirk!

We celebrated Kirk's birthday (born New Year's Day) in Sacramento this year. Last year, we were in Denver. Seems we celebrate his birthdays out-of-town and it's fitting to honor his birthday with much celebration! We were preparing his birthday dinner at home (we go out the following week ... resting from holiday food!)

Lauren flexs her mixing arm while whisking the batter for her Pop's birthday cake.

German Chocolate Birthday Cake Batter

Lani's famous Pad Thai Noodles

Green salad with olives and feta cheese

Alex made a spicy lentil dip with tortilla flat bread

Saying grace and asking blessings for Kirk's birthday

The dishwashers (non-electric models)

German Chocolate Bundt Birthday Cake.
Ok ... not so good-looking, but it WAS delicious!

Kirk & Lauren

Make a good wish, Kirk
Happy, Happy Birthday and many more to come

We love you!

Siopao (Pork Buns)

It was New Year's Day and Lani ordered siopao (pork buns) for lunch, also called char siu bao by the Chinese or manapua by the Hawaiians. They can be baked (like these) or steamed. I like both. We bought different kinds--barbequed pork, chicken, curry chicken, and curry beef.

We went to ABC Bakery in Sacramento. I haven't been there for over 15 years and was happy to see they were in the same location. When we were dating, I would pick some up for Kirk on my way down to Fresno.

Kirk saw the pink bakery boxes and peeked inside.
Can I have one?

Now THAT'S a Happy Face!