Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kirk!

We celebrated Kirk's birthday (born New Year's Day) in Sacramento this year. Last year, we were in Denver. Seems we celebrate his birthdays out-of-town and it's fitting to honor his birthday with much celebration! We were preparing his birthday dinner at home (we go out the following week ... resting from holiday food!)

Lauren flexs her mixing arm while whisking the batter for her Pop's birthday cake.

German Chocolate Birthday Cake Batter

Lani's famous Pad Thai Noodles

Green salad with olives and feta cheese

Alex made a spicy lentil dip with tortilla flat bread

Saying grace and asking blessings for Kirk's birthday

The dishwashers (non-electric models)

German Chocolate Bundt Birthday Cake.
Ok ... not so good-looking, but it WAS delicious!

Kirk & Lauren

Make a good wish, Kirk
Happy, Happy Birthday and many more to come

We love you!

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