Thursday, May 20, 2010

Senior Prom

Lauren and Spencer went to Prom last weekend. The one-and-only prom for each senior.

She wore a beautiful blue and fushia sequinned dress. As soon as she tried it on, she beamed as she twirled around the room.  She was looking forward to this day. 

He wore a handsome black tuxedo with shiny patent leather shoes.  We went to the tux shop to rematch his tie and vest to her dress. He liked this combination much better ... their outfits now matched.

Spencer and Lauren

We took pre-prom pictures at the Japanese Tea Garden.  Spencer's Dad gave him a hand with his jacket and carried cold water for us on this toasty, early-summer afternoon.

She smiles while he carefully removes the corsage.

Grins from the base of the largest arched bridge in the park.

Silly face

A funny moment

They both stopped and looked up as geese squawked and flew overhead. A red Japanese maple leaf created a red glow at the top of the frame. Also, the sun was behind them so it created a dreamlike image.

In this image, they were just chatting and being themselves. I was trapped behind a tree ... the leaves were in front of me which created a bit of haze. They didn't think I was photographing so they did "their thing."

I like this shot of Bob taking their picture.  He is "papa-razzi" in action.  We, as parents, want to capture these special moments (for them and for ourselves) as we see them transition into their adult lives.  High school will only be a fond memory in a month from now.

Photos capture a moment.  Memories of how we were ...

... so we remember how we felt.   Enjoy the prom.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bob's Spaghetti Sauce

"My Dad's spaghetti sauce is bomb.  You need to try it," Spencer said.
 (Note: bomb as in excellent, the best, etc).

On Saturday, I found two containers of Bob's spaghetti sauce in the fridge.  Spencer dropped them off the night before and I was excited to have the fixings for a great lunch.

Bob's sauce.  Tomato sauce, thick with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, olives, etc. 

I found some whole wheat spaghetti in the cupboard. 

Started the water boiling for the pasta.

Spaghetti almost al dente.

Lauren tossed a romaine salad with lots of tomatoes.

Then, she grated the last of our Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Lunch is served.  Yum.

Spencer, you're right.  You're Dad's spaghetti sauce is bomb!  Thanks, Bob!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bullard Composition. Final Post.

Three fashion show performances over two days.  Months of preparation and practice, but a lifetime of memories for these high schoolers.

Opening number, "Introducing the Rockstars."

Scene One: Runway -- Paparazzi at the Premiere.
Auntie Shelly found this black-sequinned dress for Lauren.  She also painted and glittered this fan that Alaina donated.

I liked this number, "Introducing the Divas," with the ladies wearing pink dresses.  My favorite dress in this scene was the pink ruffled dress in front.  Vita, a German exchange student, said she found this dress on a clearance rack at H&M for $12!

Scene Two: Fashion.
Lauren's top and pants were provided by Essentials.

Last glance at the end of Scene Two.

The men on the left and right are program directors (and high school seniors).  Incredibly talented young men.

Scene Three: Formal.
The prom dresses for Lauren and Vivian were provided by Christina's.  Lauren fell in love with this dress as soon as she tried it on and was sad to leave it on the rack.

Parade of Prom Dresses

Scene Four:  Funk.
Lauren's dress, ring, and bracelets provided by Ooh, La La.  Shoes provided by eighth-grader, Alaina.

Fab job by three immensely-talented directors (high school seniors); Keenan, Melissa and Elliott.

Lauren's group for the introduction of cast members and final bows.  Great job, everyone!

For all the pictures, click here

Friday, April 30, 2010

Bullard Composition. Part Two.

After having makeup and hair done by professionals, the girls still preened in front of the mirror.

More touch-ups.

Lovely ladies.

Lauren and Jess borrowed these shoes from Alaina (an eighth grader).  Nice kicks.

I tripped over these sparkly heels.

Piles of shoes were everywhere.  Looks like a teenage girl's bedroom floor, no?

There were racks of clothing loaned from local stores and boutiques. 

Look at the bling on the waist of this prom dress!

Pretty, pretty.

Here's the dress worn by the onstage model.

The backstap of a stunning yellow prom dress.

The front of this dress worn by the model during the performance.

This is a clasp on the back of a dress!

Shiny dresses need glittery makeup.

Teenage girls (obviously undaunted by their grownup hair and makeup).

Taking a breather before the final performance.

Beautiful model.  She's pictured above right, sitting with her mom (a backstage volunteer).

A backstage shot from the final prom dress scene.

Meanwhile, the on-loan outfits need to be hung, tidied, and sorted before the girls return.

We watched snippets of the performance from backstage openings.

Hopefully, the on-stage girls appreciate what the back-stage mamas do to prepare them for their life performance.

... and, thanks to those who came to support them.  Thank you, Adams family (Spencer's familia).

...and Michelle H, Auntie Shelly, Michelle A, and Nancy.  Thanks, ladies!

Last glimpse backstage.  Oh, I see her.  She's second from the right in the green dress.

The fashion show pictures coming in the next post.