Thursday, February 25, 2010


It was a small birthday gathering for Lauren.  She chose sushi with a select group of friends. 
I couldn't take pictures of food inside Roe as lights were dimmed when dinner started.
Everyone had a fun time at dinner ... we ate sushi for two and a half hours!

Birthday cake.  German Chocolate cake tradition. 
My mother made them for our birthdays.
(She's gone now and can't do this for Lauren, so I make them for her).

We went to dinner at Roe on Palm Avenue.

Roe has three window murals outside the restaurant.  So beautiful. 
This one reminds me of Lauren.

Another mural (woman with a fan)

Last mural (closest to the entrance).

Six high school seniors (Alec, Nikki, Jess, Alejandra, Lauren and Spencer)

Jessica made this cute "frog with sushi" birthday card.

Lauren's Happy Face.  A couple friends gave her jewelry.

Blingy bling things.  Like this sparkly colored heart ring.

After dinner, the kids changed into PJs for movies. 
We were so stuffed that birthday cake was at midnight.

Ready for cake now.

Make a good wish!

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Two days later, on her actual birthday (2/23), these friends came by the house at 5:30am with balloons and candy bouquets to ambush her while sound asleep in bed.  Surprise!  

I knew about the surprise, so I prepared a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, potatoes, hot cocoa and orange juice for all of us before heading to school/work.  {yawn}  Fun start to a birthday although they made me promise --- no pictures! --- because they had Bedhead Hair and no makeup, too.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dinner Tomorrow

Awww, no party?
Really?  No time for a Disneyland weekend?

Instead, my daughter asked for a quiet sushi dinner with her closest friends.

Ok.  But, I think a birthday dinner needs an invitation, so here it is.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go Apolo!

The summer of 2006, we were having lunch in Hawai'i at a hole-in-the-wall cafe I found on the internet.  Ono Hawaiian Foods on Kapahulu Street in Honolulu is a local favorite (non-touristy) that serves authentic, simple Hawaiian dishes in a tiny, disorderly, nondescript eatery.  (Ono, in the Hawaiian language, means delicious).

We were eating when I recognized My Guy!  I know His Face!  (I've been following him since his first Winter Games). He quietly came into the room with four other people and sat down.  Their order quickly arrived and they started lunch.

I was leaning out of my seat, sorely straining my neck to get a better view of the US Olympic short track speedskater.  Kirk rolled his eyes.  He told me it can't be him, not here, and asked me not to bother them while they were eating. 

So ... I got up and introduced myself to Apolo Anton Ohno.  His handsome face flashed that familiar, bright toothy smile.  I knew it!  I asked for a couple pictures after he finished eating, but he said, "It's okay.  We can do it right now."  He's polite and gracious, too!  Yay!

As it turns out, Apolo was with the Honolulu Advertiser, so I was interviewed and pictures were taken for the local paper.  Apolo was in on his first visit to Hawai'i to receive a Victor Award.  The newspaper thought it would be fun heading with a play on words, "Ohno eats lunch at Ono!"

Lauren with Apolo

Apolo with the sun-burned brown Zenimuras

Apolo invited us to the Victor Awards later that day (where we met more athletes).

We're rooting for Apolo.  To date, he's currently tied with Bonnie Blair for the most medals (six) won by an American in Winter Games competition.  He has three more events in the Winter Games so we're cheering for him to win more medals.  Go Apolo! Go USA!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I remember when Nicole was born. The baby monitor in her bedroom was on the same frequency as Lauren's so I would hear Nicole and Lauren crying at the same time. The days have passed so quickly and now Nicole's a high school senior at Central High. This weekend, I shot pictures of her before she left with her friend, John, for Central's Winter Formal.

Nicole, you've always had a beautiful face.

I like the small details.  Nice earrings.

Sparkly necklace.

The sequins and flower pattern on the shawl.

Shiny patent leather heels.

The front of the dress.  Oo la la!

The awkward and embarrassing moment of placing the corsage.

Nicole & John

A shot with the proud mamas.

I see the baby next door is gone.  Nicole, you've blossomed into a beautiful young woman. 

Click here for all the pictures.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Enjoy your Valentine's Day this weekend.  Hope you spend it with someone you love.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sushi for A's

Lauren & Spencer both made the Principal's Honor Roll (3.5 to 4.0 GPA) at Bullard High. When Lauren makes good grades (she had a 3.87), she gets a banana split. This time, she wanted to eat lunch at Wassabi with Spencer.  She taught him how to use hashi (chopsticks) today and he fiercely struggled to finish his entire meal with hashi (and a pinkie cramp!) 

Spencer's unsure about sushi and sashimi.  Think he considered bolting, but Lauren grabbed him.

We ordered box lunches and each came with salad and miso soup.

Wasabi and pickled red ginger for the spicy tuna roll.

"You hold the hashi like this..."

"Yes, that's right."

Ok, he's feeling pretty confident. Time to try with food now.

We all had grilled ahi tuna. Then, Lauren and I had a spicy tuna roll while Spencer had beef teriyaki. Yum.

He did it! Lauren grins when Spencer finally get the beef teriyaki between the hashi!

Good job on the grades, guys!
All pictures, here

Monday, February 1, 2010


I played around with adding texture to a photo.  I had some textures filed away to try on a cold, quiet weekend.

Grungy paper texture

The original print                                                              

The original print + grungy paper + handcrafted watermark.
I like the warmth and urban edge it added to the photo.

On another quiet weekend, I'll try some vintage film texture.  Fun!