Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heart Surgery

I need heart surgery.  I woke up and felt heartache and a deep emotional groaning.
My youngest daughter turns 18 next month.  Graduation.  College.  Boyfriend.

Today is Senior Parents Night at Bullard High. 
We're meeting to go over the senior activities (and empty the checkbook). I looked over the senior packet (announcements, cap/gown, grad trips) and I was fine ... yesterday.

I thought I was well-prepared for this phase.  Nope.  I'm hopelessly sappy. 
Truly, I'm happy for her future.  But, the sap has taken over today.
When did my naked-screaming-little-baby-wanting-attention grow up?  
When did she and I switch positions?  Seems she's the one comforting me now, saying
"Awww, things will be alright" while I'm screaming for attention, afraid to be left behind. 

I have an appointment with The Ultimate Heart Surgeon.
I'll need to be a compliant patient.  Is there a pill for this?

Life is just as it should be.
My girl's living her destiny.
Her mama will get well. 

Mama's Arm (edited my head in ... ha!)                              Spencer's Arm (original shot)

Preschool                                                                         High School Senior

Do all mamas go through this? Ahhh.  [*sigh*]

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poster Shots

Lauren wanted a poster for for a blank spot on her wall. So, we went downtown to shoot some pictures and brought Spencer along.

The finished poster. (Trying to make it artsy).

Some kids were skateboarding around us. Spencer watched a bit while Lauren got bored.

I love the this picture.

This one makes me laugh. I asked her to lean back and they laughed when she squished him.

They stopped laughing for this one.  Cute.

It was so cold outside. She put her cold hand to his face and he just grinned.

Last one.  Time to go because I was cold and my hands started to shake!

For all the pictures, click here

Monday, January 18, 2010

Timeout with BHS V-Basketball Girls

The team watched the Fresno State Women's Basketball team's win against Utah State (73-46). Timeout (the Bulldog mascot) came to the suite for some quicks pictures with the girls. Thanks Dave and Meg Slivoskey for the tickets and use of the suite!

Timeout (Bulldog mascot) and the girls

Timeout with me and Lo

Sunday, January 17, 2010

CART (DNA Ligation Project)

Lauren's CART (Center for Advanced Research & Technology) class in Clovis, held their Winter Showcase on 01.14.10. The group project (for Lauren, Gabe Viveros & Isis Wenger) was DNA Ligation. Lauren's cousin, Brandon, was researching CART as a Student Teaching requirement so it was great to have him there, too.

Lauren and project partner, Gabe Viveros.

Lauren explains their project (DNA Ligation of Plasmid pBR322) to a group of student teachers.

The project

First cousins (Lauren & Brandon). Brandon was researching CART as a Student Teaching assignment.

Lauren with her Pop & cousin Brandon.

Lauren and her buddy, Matt Salazar.

Lauren and her friend (and volleyball teammate), Danielle Salcido.  Good job, girls!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dutch Bros Coffee Winner!

Lauren's friends texted her they saw my name on the Dutch Bros Coffee window as a winner. We stopped by the drive-through window and laughed when we confirmed it.
I rarely win anything so winning 4 free coffees was fun. White Mochas for me!

That IS me on the window!

Megan made my sign hanging on the front upper right window.

Ha! I rarely win anything so this is a great way to start the year!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Puppy Love

We stopped by the Diaz house and played with Alina's two-month old puppy, Marley.
Lauren's never had a dog, but thinks she wants one. Spencer was very comfortable
with Marley, but it took Lauren a little time to warm up to the active little puppy.

Santa brought Marley for Alina. Happy girl!

Nothing like a boy and a puppy.

Spencer cradled Marley while Lauren inched closer.

Aww. Marley likes Lauren, too.

After a bit, she let Marley sit on her lap and play.  Cute.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bella's Bacon

Bella is my niece, Chanel's, dog. Dogs don't pose for pictures, but I read a photography tip: 
if you hold up bacon, a dog will stop and look at it for a moment. It works!

Lani held up a doggie bacon strip and Bella stopped and looked up briefly to snap a shot.

Now that I think about it, if someone held up a piece of bacon to me, I'd stop and look, too!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday (New Year), Kirk!

It's become a tradition to get Chinese Baos from ABC Bakery on Kirk's birthday (New Year's Day). We celebrated in Sacramento at Alex & Lani's. It's great starting the year together. Baos and birthday cake (cupcakes) find a place on the table today! Happy Birthday, Kirk!

Gotta love anything in a pink bakery box.

Boxes of siopao (aka baos).  Teddy ordered barbeque pork (char siu), chicken, and dessert baos.

Kirk found the baos

Barbeque pork. Yum!

Kirk and his girl

Birthday cupcakes

Lani made the cupcakes and I helped frost the two varieties (chocolate and lemon). Double stack!

A prayer for the Kirk's birthday and the New Year. Love it.

Chocolate cupcakes lit!

Make a wish!  Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BART to San Francisco

Our basketball group made a day trip into San Francisco via BART (Bay Area RapidTransit).  It was a fun commute as it was a first-time ride on the BART for many in our group. 

Last out-of-town tournament for the seniors:  Haleigh, Alle and Lauren

Happy commuters

Lauren always sleeps when she travels. Darniesha provided a comfy (and willing) lap.

You know you're in San Francisco when you see (and hear) a cable car.

Trinkets for sale from a sidewalk vendor.

The Christmas Tree was still decorated in Union Square

Kirk, Elizabeth and I walked while the rest of the group shopped on Market Street.  We strolled past Union Square into Chinatown. 

Elizabeth gets ready to try her chicken noodle pho

We all ordered the same dish on this cold day ... chicken pho with clear rice noodles. Yum!

Condiments for pho (jalapenos, red chili pepper pods, shoyu and fish sauce).

In San Francisco, people freely express their opinions.  Hmmm.

People waited to use this sidewalk toilet but it was occupied a long time.  Not for me though.

This was our meeting place -- Forever 21 on Market Street.  Time to ride the BART back to the hotel.

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