Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life Hurts God Helps (LHGH) Graduation

Earlier this month, Lauren graduated from LHGH at our church. (Oops, just found this in my draft folder). I'm proud of her for signing up on her own. She's almost grown now (sigh...)

I didn't know anything about this program until the Orientation Meeting for parents. It's a church-based (rather, Christ-based) program that helps teenagers overcome the difficulties in life they face. They met weekly in Small Groups for 13 weeks and had mid-week telephone conversations with their accountability partners.

I took a picture of the PowerPoint presentation

Lauren with her counselors (Kasey & Jenny)

Certificate of Completion

Congrats, Lauren. This was a big step and we're proud of you.


  1. Yeah Teresa, you're back! Missed you. This is awesome of must be so proud of the beautiful young woman she's become. What a great accomplishment.

  2. That sounds like an amazing program. I have a girlfriend (actually, I used to babysit her) who started something similar called Wonderfully Made. It isn't easy being a teenager - if only we all had such support when we were growing up.


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