Monday, November 9, 2009

Living Large(r)

We treasure our time at the beach because we live in an agricultural area of California.
Last spring, I made this poster (16x20) to remember our visit.  Eight months later, I finally printed it.

I discovered Costco now offers 1-hour poster printing (16x20 for $5.99 and 20x30 for $8.99). 
No excuses now for not letting my memories live large!


  1. You'll probably get tired of hearing this but you do an AWESOME job! Where you gonna put it?

  2. Suz -- Thanks! Hmmm, I haven't gotten to the hanging part yet!

    Sheri -- Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you both!

  3. Teresa, What a great idea...I love it. What will you do with it? It's gorgeous...I have always said, "Why go buy art to hang on my walls, when I have the greatest art standing right in front of me everyday."


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa