Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baker Beach, SF

I've seen this view of the Golden Gate Bridge on postcards and posters.

I'm glad someone told me it was here so I could see this vantage point.

My brother, Teddy, told me to look at rocks on the beach.  So I did.

I like this view.  The majesty of this iconic bridge behind the beach.  And, my three peeps.

Uncle Teddy and Lauren exploring sand critters

When I take pictures, I become a lagger

But, lagging provides this view of father-daughter

Beach exploring apparently tires the young

Till next time, Baker Beach


  1. Wow! Teresa, your photography is amazing! I'm a little jealous actually! LOL. I try and try but my photos do not come out looking like that!!! Please give us tips!!!

  2. Ha! You're so funny (but, thank you!)


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