Sunday, March 8, 2009

Paper Girls' Lunch

Kristi: What IS that?

Me: Japanese oil-blotting paper

We (Kristi, Christy & me) finally made our much-delayed lunch date at P.F. Changs on Friday, 3.6.09 I sat down and blotted my forehead at the table because it was such a warm day! I know, poor table etiquette, but I HAD to get the shine off.

Kristi holding up the paper packet
I love these oil-blotting sheets! I don't know what the outside of this packet says, but this little packet holds 300 thinner-than-paper translucent sheets in a top-bound, notepad-style, tear-off pad. They are double-sided and powder-free so it doesn't interfere with or remove makeup . You press it against your forehead, cheeks or wherever you have facial-shine ... and whammo, presto! Matte skin! No shine! No oil!

A pad of oil-blotting sheets
I prefer the Japanese sheets (aka film or papers) and I have lots of different brands/colors/sizes. I don't know what ANY of them say, I just know what they look like. They work. They're my favorites. I also have the refillable Bobbi Brown version (Macy's or Nordstroms) with a leather case and a mirror which costs 10x more (so--not my favorite).

Forget manners! All 3 of us blotting our greasy faces!

The sheets absorb oil or moisture then gets translucent/clear when its done the job.
Kristi & Christy getting oil-free.

Saw Kristi's blog and lifted the next two pictures for comparison.
Kristi on top left picture ... daughter Samantha on bottom left.
Christy is on top right ... daughter Jessica is on the bottom left.
The mothers on top, the daughters on bottom! Cool.
Also, those cheerleaders are 1st Place National Champions!

Samantha & Jessica at Cheer Competition in Disneyland

Here they are again.
Christy & Jessica on the left (above & below)
Kristi & Samantha on the right (above & below)

We had a such a fun lunch. We chatted a mile-a-minute and didn't finish. Cameras. Blotting papers. Cheer. Daughters. School. It was a three-hour lunch! Kirk thought something happened to me because I never heard my cellphone ring.

We're planning another lunch ... this time to my favorite Mediterranean place downtown. Sheri, wish you were with us. Remember when we used to have lunch and go to the Clinique counter? I got to hang with your little Sissy. And, exactly HOW many Franklin Covey binders did you find when you moved?


  1. Aww Teresa, I miss our lunches together! I was laughing by the end of this just thinking about the times we were together and imagining your lunch on Friday. I can hear the buzz of talk! I love sharing all our little gadgets and resources of fun information. Only a few people "get" that stuff. Looks like you guys had it going on at lunch too!

    Wish I could have been there. Looks like you had a fun time. And as far as Franklin planners, what did Kristi tell you??? Let's not go there!

  2. Love this post Teresa and loved our lunch even more. The blotting tissue pictures???? boy, we were all like kids in the resturant. What fun that was..
    Sis, what do you mean, "What did Kristi tell you?"
    Teresa, I told you she would say that...haha!!
    Can't wait til our next lunch, and sis we wish you were here too.


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