Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Three Packages

I've been waiting for some packages. UPS tracking said they were coming tomorrow, but they came a day early. Yay! Three packages next to the wall, but I saw them on the porch as I came up the driveway.

Package #1 (a book). I don't have Lightroom 2 yet, but I'm preparing for it.

Package #2 -- a black leather camera bag. I've been bag shopping for a few months. Kirk has always carried the camera bag for me when we're together. When he sees THIS one, I just might be on my own. Sheri Update: This is a Jill-e bag, medium black leather. For info, click here. Picked it up at one of my two fav online photog stores, Adorama.com (because B&H Photo doesn't carry it).

My biggest concern is the 70-200mm. In this bag, she stands nice and tall. The cover zips right over it. When mounted to the camera, it lays along the bottom of this bag.

Package #3 -- Photographers' Workshop Binder arrived! The online workshop starts on March 30 and runs 9 weeks. Sounds like fun and I'm geared up to learn something new! You can find out more about the workshop by clicking here.

The binder was tied with a pretty turquoise floral fabric, a pen, a business card, and this hand-signed note from the instructor, Karen Russell.

The front of the binder

The back of the binder.
Amen to that!

UPDATE: I returned the Jill-e camera bag. When the bag was loaded with heavy lenses, the leather would pull at the straps (which didn't seem to securely hold the bag). Maybe I had a faulty one. I don't know. While I do know other people love this camera bag, it's not for me.


  1. Ok you know my heart skipped a beat as I looked at this post! First of all, I LOVE that camera bag. You didn't say who makes it. Too cute. And the Photographers Workshop, oh my, you are going to love that class. I'm on my last 2 weeks and I wish I could just keep going....I hate to see it end. Love the binder and pen too. I loved this post!

  2. Hi Sheri! I updated the bag info for you with a link to the store site. I'll email you in a couple weeks with my "review" on it's performance. :D

  3. Thanks Teresa. When I saw the name I realized I have seen those bags! I've been salivating over the red one! I'm gonna have to cave in. See why Rick doesn't like me talking to you...you've been costing him money for YEARS!!!! LOL. Love you!

  4. OMG!! I love the bag too!! So adorable..Have to see if they have lime green, my favorite!!!
    I love the binder for the class, when I grow up and get my "real" camera, I will have to have the bag and the class with the cute binder.
    I'm so far behind. Jusst like the little sister huh?
    lv u both!!!

  5. I am SO jealous!!! I covet my neighbor. :-) I have a basic camera bag (room for four lenses)... came with my camera. I don't have Lightroom (but I want it). I do have Photoshop but a very outdated version. I have Understanding Exposure - the best book I've read on photography. I wish I could take online workshop classes. I'd LOVE to expand my photography knowledge more!


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa