Monday, June 15, 2009


Lauren caught an elbow near her nose playing basketball yesterday. I was afraid she might have broken her nose (no fracture ... thank you, Lord!) But, her eye started to swell and I prepared her for the impending shiner. She's not happy about it, but her eye is getting more purple as time goes on.

When I was 11, I got my first shiner (playing softball with my Dad). Two summers ago, I got hit by an errant softball between the eyes ... fractured/cut my nose and got two MORE shiners. (Btw, Boredom makes you shoot pictures like this from your cellphone).

Well, me and my girl now share the Shiner Experience. Hopefully, that's all part of our past!


  1. Aww Lauren, you still look beautiful...where your Shiner proudly!

  2. Oh my Lord, did my spelling skills fly out the window??? Should be "WEAR" not "where"....yes I do no the difference.

    (JK! The last one was a test!)

  3. still look gorgeous!! And Teresa, I think it is a great support to your daughter that you would sacrifice yourself to put a picture of yourself like that on your blog...that's the first thing I thought of when I scrolled down.
    That's an awesome mom!!!
    You are both still beautiful!!! I sure hope this is not a sign that my daughter will do the things I did at her age...oh my!!!

  4. Hi Auntie Sheri (I can call you auntie, can't I?), its Lauren. Thanks for the comment and yes, I am 'wearing it proudly!' :) Its only been a couple of days since the incident and its getting more purple each day!

  5. Sheri & Kristi ... you two are so cool. I'd wear a shiner for either of you, too!

  6. Bruises on the torso/thighs, a swollen pinky from miss catching the ball. That's all I can handle in the name of sports which is why I don't do it anymore. I don't like getting hit.
    More power to you!!

  7. Aww - poor Lauren. That's no fun. Tell her that she and Emily have matching shiners. :-) Emily pulled a dining room chair on top of her and smacked into the floor with her cheek. She and Lauren are still beautiful, despite purple eyes.


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa