Monday, June 22, 2009

Shooting at the Railroad Tracks

We went to downtown Fresno so my friend could photograph her son in his rented suit (for 6th grade promotion). Shot these while hanging out around the graffiti-laden decommissioned railroad cars.
Lauren, my soon-to-be high school senior
Shooting my friend (shooting her kids)

Against another railroad car

Lauren and her friend explore the tracks (those Target shopping carts sure are a long way from home)

She climbed up this decommissioned
railway car and found a seat

Jacob (looking dapper in his black suit and blue sneakers)

My favorite shot of the day

Lauren and Jacob wait at the car.
Back to teenage-ness. She's texting for showtimes at the movies.


  1. Great pics Teresa. I so love the quality of your camera. I so need a new camera.
    how many times do i need to say that? haha

  2. Beautiful pictures!! The camera just loves Lauren! Great depth of field in your favorite shot. You sure know how to work magic with your camera. :-)

  3. Teresa these are amazing photos. Lauren is so beautiful. I love the location too. Really some great shots. Looks like you're learning a lot from the photo class!

  4. Kristi -- thanks!

    Michele -- thanks! Part of that "magic" is an editing program my friend shared with me that smooths out skin!

    Sheri -- thanks! I loved Karen's photo class (and so sad it's over). It was crazy trying to keep up with the assignments, but I'm so glad I forced myself to get it done. Thanks for sending me her way!


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa