Friday, March 5, 2010

2010 CIF Central Section (Pre)Shoot-Out

Eight senior athletes were chosen from the Central Section for the 2010 CIF Central Section World Sports Cafe Shoot-out at Selland Arena in Fresno, CA to be held on March 6, 2010. 
(The Central Section covers 92 schools in 15 leagues from Divisions 1-6).  Vince Wesson, Chairperson of the Central Section Finals, had been following the box scores and selected four boys and four girls "for individual recognition, who had an outstanding year, but whose teams did not make it to the Central Section Finals."

Lauren was selected as one of these senior athletes (the first participant from Bullard since the Shoot-Out began three years ago).  Truly an honor for these athletes. Prior to the event this Saturday, the participants gathered for photos, an informational meeting, and to practice two rounds of 3-point shots.

First, a winner is chosen from the girls and from the boys.  Then, the winning girl shoots against the winning boy to determine one over-all winner.  Last year, the Shoot-out winner was a girl,
Leslie Steele (Buchanan).

Group shot:  Jereol Walker (Edison), Dilpreet Thnd (Caruthers), Jaelin Avery (Lemoore),
Jason Ritchey (Clovis West), Nicki Chapple (Clovis), Leslie Cory (Monache),
Lauren Zenimura (Bullard) and Corinne Den Hartog (Buchanan)

I'm rooting for every athete, but cheering loudest for this one.
She's worn a basketball jersey with #4 for nine years (every year starting fourth grade).
This event will be the very last time Lauren wears her Bullard basketball jersey. 

Each player must stand and shoot 3-pointers from each of five of these mats on the court.

Practicing her 3-point shot

That's it ... all net. 

The girls: Leslie Cory (Monache), Nicki Chapple (Clovis), Lauren Zenimura (Bullard),
and Corinne Den Hartog (Buchanan)

The boys: Jereol Walker (Edison), Jason Ritchey (Clovis West), Jaelin Avery (Lemoore),
and Dilpreet Thnd (Caruthers)

Good luck, shooters!  Thanks for the opportunity, Mr. Wesson! (pictured below center).

For all the pictures, click here


  1. So cool!! What an honor, especially Lauren's senior year. Way to go Lauren!!


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