Monday, March 8, 2010

Sadie's with Lauren?

After the Girls Team beat the Boys Team at the CIF Central Section Shoot-out, the announcer helped Lauren surprise her boyfriend, Spencer, with an invitation to the Sadie Hawkins Dance at Bullard High. During halftime at the D-1 Boys Basketball Finals (Clovis East v Buchanan) in Selland Arena, with 9,000 people watching, the announcer called Lauren to center court. Then, he asked if there was a Spencer Adams in the crowd. Dazed, Spencer met them at center court.

Her friends held up a sign, "Sadie's With Lauren?" The crowd started cheering him on!

Spencer smiled and agreed. This will be the first Sadie Hawkins Dance at Bullard for both seniors, so this is memorable start.  It will be hard for this young man to top that when he asks her to the Senior Prom!

"Lauren Zenimura from Bullard wants to ask a special question to a special person,"
  the announcer said.

"Will Spencer Adams come to center court?" the announced said.
  Dazed, Spencer walked to meet Lauren.
He was so embarrassed, but the crowd was cheering for him. 

 Lauren asked him to turn around as she pointed to the signs behind him.

 "Sadie's With Lauren???????" the signs read.
  Her friends Kristi, Savannah and Alle held up the signs.
The announcer asked him, "Well, what's your answer?" 

He said yes and gave her a hug. The crowd roared! What a fun time!


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  1. That is so great Teresa!! What a way to ask Spencer. So cool!! I agree he will have a hard time beating that for Senior Prom!! Maybe her friends can help with some ideas.
    Way to go Lauren and Spencer!!


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