Thursday, May 20, 2010

Senior Prom

Lauren and Spencer went to Prom last weekend. The one-and-only prom for each senior.

She wore a beautiful blue and fushia sequinned dress. As soon as she tried it on, she beamed as she twirled around the room.  She was looking forward to this day. 

He wore a handsome black tuxedo with shiny patent leather shoes.  We went to the tux shop to rematch his tie and vest to her dress. He liked this combination much better ... their outfits now matched.

Spencer and Lauren

We took pre-prom pictures at the Japanese Tea Garden.  Spencer's Dad gave him a hand with his jacket and carried cold water for us on this toasty, early-summer afternoon.

She smiles while he carefully removes the corsage.

Grins from the base of the largest arched bridge in the park.

Silly face

A funny moment

They both stopped and looked up as geese squawked and flew overhead. A red Japanese maple leaf created a red glow at the top of the frame. Also, the sun was behind them so it created a dreamlike image.

In this image, they were just chatting and being themselves. I was trapped behind a tree ... the leaves were in front of me which created a bit of haze. They didn't think I was photographing so they did "their thing."

I like this shot of Bob taking their picture.  He is "papa-razzi" in action.  We, as parents, want to capture these special moments (for them and for ourselves) as we see them transition into their adult lives.  High school will only be a fond memory in a month from now.

Photos capture a moment.  Memories of how we were ...

... so we remember how we felt.   Enjoy the prom.


  1. Wow! What gorgeous pictures. Lauren looks amazing! She is so pretty and her dress is beautiful. Your photography is really great. I know they will look back on these times in years to come and be so thankful for the "mama and papa-arazzi's". Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. the colors are gorgous! I do like the dreamie effect on last shot!!

  3. Oh my Teresa!! Lauren looks amazing!! her dress is perfect for her and striking! You & Kirk must be so proud! Spencer looks proud too and of course looks great as well!
    Hope they had a blast!

  4. Sheri, Eliz & Kristi -- thanks for your nice comments about the pictures and the kids. Yes, they had so much fun at the prom and won't forget that special day.

    It funny how we dress the girls up in frilly things when they're young. Then they reach a phase where they won't wear ANY dress at all. Later, they're back to frilly dresses and curled hair. Go figure.

  5. Hey Teresa!! I left you something on my blog!! Check it out!!
    Miss you!

  6. LOVE!!! The pictures are gorgeous. So is your daughter. All grown up. I remember chasing my mom and her camera away at my prom - do I regret that now!


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa