Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bullard Composition. Final Post.

Three fashion show performances over two days.  Months of preparation and practice, but a lifetime of memories for these high schoolers.

Opening number, "Introducing the Rockstars."

Scene One: Runway -- Paparazzi at the Premiere.
Auntie Shelly found this black-sequinned dress for Lauren.  She also painted and glittered this fan that Alaina donated.

I liked this number, "Introducing the Divas," with the ladies wearing pink dresses.  My favorite dress in this scene was the pink ruffled dress in front.  Vita, a German exchange student, said she found this dress on a clearance rack at H&M for $12!

Scene Two: Fashion.
Lauren's top and pants were provided by Essentials.

Last glance at the end of Scene Two.

The men on the left and right are program directors (and high school seniors).  Incredibly talented young men.

Scene Three: Formal.
The prom dresses for Lauren and Vivian were provided by Christina's.  Lauren fell in love with this dress as soon as she tried it on and was sad to leave it on the rack.

Parade of Prom Dresses

Scene Four:  Funk.
Lauren's dress, ring, and bracelets provided by Ooh, La La.  Shoes provided by eighth-grader, Alaina.

Fab job by three immensely-talented directors (high school seniors); Keenan, Melissa and Elliott.

Lauren's group for the introduction of cast members and final bows.  Great job, everyone!

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