Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Cheesecake

Uncle Mike after lunch: Hey, anyone want dessert?
The cheesecake is good here! Ummm ... is anyone
having a birthday?

Cheesecake, candles and a birthday song later.
Lauren was happy with the unexpected surprise!

The two-days-away from birthday girl, Lauren.

Thanks for sharing a bite of the cheesecake with everyone, Lauren. Uncle Mike was right ... it was yummy!


  1. She's so beautiful! All grown up now. Look at the depth of field on that first photo! Great job Teresa! Happy Birthday Lauren!

  2. Teresa, Rick saw these pictures of Lauren couldn't believe she's grown up already. He still thinks of the little Lauren who when asked what her favorite animal was, replied, "A platypus!" Isn't that funny? I had forgotten all about that.


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