Thursday, February 19, 2009

My First Digital Scrapbook Pages!

These are my first digital scrapbook pages! Thanks to my friend, Sheri, I finally worked on my first page!

She suggested an online class through and the process wasn't as scary as I thought. It's a go-at-your-own-pace kinda class, so if you're interested, click here for the class info. If I can do it, ANYONE can! Sheri, thanks for texting me through dinner the other night! :D


  1. Cool!!! There are so many advancements in digital scrapbooking. And Lauren is the prettiest subject!

  2. Yeah! I'm so glad you took the plunge! Isn't it so much fun. Just wait. There is a whole other world out there, just more money to be spent on digital supplies, and more time to be spent on playing with them! The great thing though is you don't need another room to keep it all in. What beautiful pages.

  3. Michele -- my paper scrapbooking gear is under a pile of dust! This digital-style is fun but a whole new learning curve for my tired brain. Thanks for your nice comment about Lauren, too!

    Sheri -- man, when we start talking about things it usually involves more $ and time doesn't it? I'll be emailing you about supply recommendations in a few weeks when I'm done with the class. Remember that invitation suggestion I asked you about a few months ago? You'll see it on the next blog...

  4. OMG! Teresa. I have been signed up for all 3 levels of those classes and have not even started them. I so want to get them done.You have already passed me up in them. I need to get moving.
    Great pages!! You are officially bitten by the "digi scrapper" bug. Hang on to your wallet. haha!!


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