Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fresh February

Kirk and Lauren are so happy! We now have unlimited endless meals at Sweet Tomatoes for the entire month of February. (This is a Fresno-only offer and usable at both local restaurants intended to boost our local economy). The vote was 2-1.

They figure they'll eat there everyday for the month (or at least 25x). Kirk's even planning for us to eat there at lunch! They sold it to me as: no cooking, no grocery-shopping, no dishes to wash, more free time together, more healthy. Kirk also said we could laugh at this later if it turns out to be a big mistake. We started at Sunday brunch after church, then for dinner after Superbowl. That's 2 meals down ...
The card
Happy diners on Endless Meal #2 of ....


  1. YAY! I wish that they had the same promotion here in Colorado! That's one of Cian's favorites! Good healthy food.... mmmmm!

    Hey Lauren! Enjoy some of that ice cream for me eh? :) hee hee


  2. haha, we know where Lauren will be having her birthday dinner!!!..OK, it's 12 days into the month, does Sweet Tomotoes know y'all by name now..hehe!!..i'm all for the "no cooking, no grocery-shopping, no dishes to wash, more free time together, more healthy..oh wait, "no dishes to wash"?? favorite household chore, haha!!....miss you guys..

  3. Lani -- yes, they DO know us by name at Sweet Tomatoes! In fact, Norman signed up, too, and we've been meeting each other for dinner. We see each other NOW more than we ever have before. I love your picture with that cute hat. Sana, you start your blog so I can see pictures of your apo. Miss you, too!

  4. Aww - thanks for inviting me to a free meal at Sweet Tomatoes. You're so thoughtful. ;-)


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