Friday, April 30, 2010

Bullard Composition. Part Two.

After having makeup and hair done by professionals, the girls still preened in front of the mirror.

More touch-ups.

Lovely ladies.

Lauren and Jess borrowed these shoes from Alaina (an eighth grader).  Nice kicks.

I tripped over these sparkly heels.

Piles of shoes were everywhere.  Looks like a teenage girl's bedroom floor, no?

There were racks of clothing loaned from local stores and boutiques. 

Look at the bling on the waist of this prom dress!

Pretty, pretty.

Here's the dress worn by the onstage model.

The backstap of a stunning yellow prom dress.

The front of this dress worn by the model during the performance.

This is a clasp on the back of a dress!

Shiny dresses need glittery makeup.

Teenage girls (obviously undaunted by their grownup hair and makeup).

Taking a breather before the final performance.

Beautiful model.  She's pictured above right, sitting with her mom (a backstage volunteer).

A backstage shot from the final prom dress scene.

Meanwhile, the on-loan outfits need to be hung, tidied, and sorted before the girls return.

We watched snippets of the performance from backstage openings.

Hopefully, the on-stage girls appreciate what the back-stage mamas do to prepare them for their life performance.

... and, thanks to those who came to support them.  Thank you, Adams family (Spencer's familia).

...and Michelle H, Auntie Shelly, Michelle A, and Nancy.  Thanks, ladies!

Last glimpse backstage.  Oh, I see her.  She's second from the right in the green dress.

The fashion show pictures coming in the next post.


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