Thursday, April 15, 2010

Passover Seder

The Diaz family invited us for our first-ever Passover Seder dinner. More than a meal and just eating -- the seder is a Jewish ritual that involves prayer, singing, discussion, story-telling, special ritual appetizers, four cups of wine, a full meal, more singing and lots of fun and conversation.
Sadly, Kirk wasn't feeling well so he missed out on this special night with us.

Table setting with traditional seder preparations

Found my seat!

Plate of matzo (flat unleavened bread)

Linda prepared a beautiful Passover Seder table for us

Sunny view into the kitchen

A traditional seder plate is a special plate used to hold certain ritual items of food during a seder.
The special foods are: an egg, charosets, maror (representing bitter herbs; typically, horseradish) and karpas (a green vegetable eaten at seder, such as parsley which is dipped in salt water before eating).

Gifelte fish cakes (minced/chopped fish, blended with matzo, eggs and seasonings then
simmered in stock and shaped into cakes). Delicious.

I like small details. This beaded napkin holder caught my eye.

Alejandra and her parents hosted this Passover Seder.  She made this dish of traditional charosets (symbolic dish of apples soaked in red wine and chopped walnuts).
Apples are cut in shapes to represent the bricks made by Hebrew slaves.

Alejandra and her cousin, Jared, sing in Hebrew after lighting the Passover seder candles

Newton, our seder leader, led us through the readings, recitations, and songs.

Grandmother Helga made this fabulous matzo ball soup. It was so delicious I wanted to ask for a second bowl, but I had to make room for more food that was prepared for this meal. Truly a comfort food. Now I know why matzo ball soup is affectionately known as "Jewish Penicillin" because it will cure any ailment!  I think I'm ailing right now...

Lauren and Alejandra.  They are friends, high school seniors, and softball teammates.  Next year, Alejandra will be attending Boston University and playing soccer.  Girls, enjoy these days.


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