Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Alex & Lani

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary, Alex & Lani!

Anniveraries are always special events. They mark significant milestones in our marriage journey.

The ups and downs of life shape us. But,
Love never ends.

Lani--I'm thankful Alex brought you to us. You have been a blessing to our family since we first laid eyes on you.
I love you for making all of us better than we are.

Alex--You're my little bro. I love you simply for being.

Alex & Lani, I wish you the very best this year and all the years to come. We pray that your marriage roots continue to grow deep and strong. God bless your marriage.

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  1. aaawwwe thanks Teresa, you're the sweetest!..time sure flies by so fast..i often have to stop and take a deep breath and thank the Lord for all the blessings he showers on our lives..xoxo!!


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