Sunday, December 7, 2008

Family Ties

“I want to be buried in Fresno.
That’s where you are.”

Mom died in Alameda, CA of colon cancer in 1993. She never lived in Fresno, but I’m glad she chose to be near me. In 2006, we buried Dad with Mom, and they’re together now.

We went to the cemetery to clean up their plot and put
some Christmas poinsettias this afternoon. There were lots of families doing the same thing—cleaning plots, decorating with poinsettias and little Christmas trees. It’s comforting to know that long after we pass from this mortal life, families continue to stay together and look after one another.

Kirk & Lauren fix the floral foam for the poinsettias
I've never asked Kirk to come to the cemetery with me.
He just does. I'm blessed that he honors my parents.

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  1. I'm so thankful that you guys are rooted in Fresno! It's a place that I can also call home. Lola and Lolo's headstones always look beautiful. Thanks Mom, Pop and Lauren!


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