Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lani's Pad Thai

My brother, Alex, is married to Lani. She's intelligent, patient, gentle and ... she can cook! She makes the BEST Pad Thai noodles. Now, we compare all the Pad Thai we eat against hers. Yes, she gave me the recipe, but it doesn't come out like HERS.

We had a heavy Christmas meal at lunch so we wanted something light for Christmas dinner. Thanks, Lani, for always willingly making this dish for the family when we ask.

My kitchen sink faces the backyard so I couldn't shoot this inside the house. I shot this on the patio facing inside the house. Lani and her sous chefs are busy by the sink

Alex and Lani sharing a laugh at the sink

Thinly sliced pork, ready for the pan

Lani seasoning the sizzling pork

The garnishes--fresh cilantro and juicy limes

More garnish--fresh green onions

The succulent shrimp and clear rice noodles are last in the pan

Our smiling chef

Crisp bean sprouts are another garnish

The delicious finished dish. Where's my plate?

I believe cooking is love made visible. Thank you, Lani

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  1. These are such gorgeous pictures Mom (I'm always saying that)! Looks like they should be displayed in a restaurant!

    Hey Auntie Lani, I wanna try some of that! :) YUM!


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