Thursday, July 9, 2009

Grunge Photo Mask (Clipping Masks)

Day Four Assignment from Jessica's class was about clipping masks. We used a grunge photo mask to create a distressed edge to photos.

Last weekend, we were in the backyard when Lauren was pulling her hair into a ponytail. As she lifted her hair, the sun flared behind her head and I shot it. Kinda cool. Not sure why the pink splotch appeared on the cheek, but I think it has grunge-appeal.


  1. Great job Teresa...boy do I have some homework to catch up on..haven't even started yet...just finished final project for this race, now will focus completly on this sis will be glad I did...she always has to help me and email it to me..
    anyway, great job.

  2. Very nice! I was all gung ho to take the classes... but found my Photoshop is outdated for the course. :-( Boo.


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