Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fresh Seafood

Supermarkets advertise "Fresh Seafood" but I consider it "fresh" if it's alive when I buy it. We were in Stockton for Lauren's travel softball tournament. After the tourney, we stopped for groceries at SF Supermarket (an Asian market). I tried to take pictures in here before, but they stopped me. To me, Asian markets are interesting. I brought my camera again (hidden inside a bag), but I could only shoot a few pictures.

Asian Markets in larger communities carry lots of live seafood. Tanks are stacked in the back of the store (seafood section) with live seafood. Pick what you want, then have it weighed and priced. After, you can ask to have it either boiled or fried (this service is included in the price/lb) and you're ready to eat when you get home.

Here's a tank of Dungeness crab. We like to select the large lively ones. Then, boil them at home. Hold the lid down because the crabs want to crawl out of the pot. Then, make sure the rice is ready with melted butter, lemon and soy sauce on the side. Yum.

The sign says carp. Not the same variety as the huge pretty ones in Japanese gardens.

These are geoduck clams. Huge! Shells are the size of my hand. Don't think I've ever eaten these.


These huge frogs were also in the tanks. Their bodies are bigger than my hand! Lauren screamed "Gross!" I wouldn't know how to cook these (although not appetizing to me). Oh, and these frogs are $3.69/lb. (Sheri - you still standing?)

I asked Lauren to find sayote squash (I believe it's "chayote" in English. It's sayote in Tagalog). She didn't know the name of the squash, but asked if it looked like this face she made. Yup, that's the sayote squash-face.

Here's Kirk with our groceries. (No, I don't know what that store sign says).

Then, we had lunch in this hole-in-the-wall. (I'm not exactly sure what Cambodian food is, but we like it. Vietnamese food is delicious, too). If we're in Stockton, we're stopping here!

Kirk ordered the marinated/grilled pork and shrimp, fried rice with an fried egg on top.

I ordered lemongrass-marinated grilled chicken, with fried rice and an egg roll.

Lauren's plate: lemongrass-marinated grilled chicken and shrimp with fried rice.

I shot a picture of the restaurant door (for my brother Teddy)

Tummies are happy and full (with a doggie-bag for the road). We're headed back to the hotel to shower, change, and the 2-hour drive back home.


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