Friday, September 4, 2009

Barrio Logan

We were visiting San Diego some weeks ago, when I noticed a brightly painted building from the freeway (under the bridge at I-5, Exit 15B, outside of Coronado). After spending the day at Silver Strand Beach in Coronado, we stopped at Barrio Logan.

I didn't think much of the stranded grocery carts and the homeless people sitting across the street. Later, when I mentioned to relatives where we were, they frowned. Stated that we shouldn't go there. That it wasn't safe. Maybe the sirens and lights flashing from police vehicles were indicators?

Lauren standing in front of a garage-type door and I had to get in the middle of the street for this shot. Kirk was watching for cars and shielding Lauren from passers-by who were pushing grocery carts (without groceries in them).

Against a wall mural

Lauren adjusts her belt. Shot of legs and feet (both Lauren's and the mural behind her).

Lauren's a good sport. We just came from the beach and her hair is full of sand!

I liked the color of this wall

When Lauren gets tired, she starts making funny faces

A closer look at the beautiful wall murals

This mural is huge (Lauren is there for scale)

Painting on the sheet metal wall. See the carts on the right? I asked Lauren not to move them because the owners were watching us.

Outside of the painted warehouse building. Behind the blue car on the right are a couple cots with homeless people sleeping outside. Across the street (on the side where I'm standing) are a couple dozen homeless people just watching us. These are hard times with so many down on their luck right now.

Another side of the painted warehouse

A sign in front of the building with the mural dedication

Great job on this East Village Community Beautification project. Thanks.


  1. Those photos are beautiful. I love the vibrant colors! Lauren is adorable! Even though you were probably somewhere you shouldn't have been, you ended up with some great shots!

  2. Awesome pictures! I don't blame you for stopping. Probably no more dangerous than Fresno's train yard. :-) Have you ever heard of the $2 Portrait Project? Follow the link - it is fascinating.

  3. Sheri -- thanks!

    Michele -- thanks, too. No kidding on the train yard, too. Never heard of that project, but I'll check the link after typing this.


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