Monday, September 28, 2009

Triangle Drive-In

Lauren asked to have Sunday dinner here (our Small Group barbeque was cancelled a few hours earlier). Yesterday was my first time here - we picked up a strawberry milkshake and a drink enroute to Uncle Sam's graveside service.

For no particular reason, Kirk hasn't stopped here for years. I like the old neon signs and 1960s-architecture of this roadside eatery (at the 99 and Belmont exit). This place opened in 1963 and was so surpringly clean and tidy (no papers strewn either inside or out, no dirty tables, and the cement floors were shiny). Today's fast food splurge was fast, reasonable and tasty (we're not here for healthy fare). Tonight, Kirk and Lauren were in the mood for seafood (fish & chips and clam strips & fries).

Triangle Drive-In's neon sign against the evening sky (approximately 7:10pm)

I liked this big neon with a bygone era font. This eatery was so neat and tidy.

1960s era sign. The blueness of the twilight sky is beautiful

I was eyeing someone's ice cream order on the counter

Triangle's window sign

Kirk and Lauren chat while waiting for their order.

Dedication sign by the front door

This eatery was so tidy (no rubbish outside and the cement floors were so shiny)

There are 3 windows: Fountain Drinks, Pick-Up, and Order

Lauren's basket of clam strips and fries

Kirk's basket of fish and fries with tartar sauce

Part of the inside wall menu. Burger next time?

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  1. Teresa your photos are simply amazing! The clarity and colors are unbelievable! I love seeing photos of the places you go!


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