Friday, October 9, 2009

A Birthday

Some girlfriends (Vicky, Julie & Shari) dragged me lunch to celebrate a birthday. I DID NOT want to, but I'm glad we went yesterday (it's not THE day). We had breakfast enchiladas for lunch at The Patio Cafe in Fig Garden Village.

I like pictures when friends are laughing.
Looking at shots like this makes me relive the moment and laugh all over again.

Vicky shot this picture

Then, the waitress shot the four of us together

Breakfast enchiladas (with potatoes & a fruit cup)

I told Vicky I was going to put this cookie flower in a vase. She strongly suggested I eat it. If the evidence is in my tummy, does the birthday go away?

I taught Vicky about depth-of-field so she practiced and focused on the cookie. Good job, Vick! Hmmm, I think I look better out-of-focus.

Thanks for the group therapy. Nothing like friends to put birthdays in perspective.

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  1. .. hmm, OK.. so did someone mess up and get a 5-0 cookie flower??.. coz i don't see any 5-0s in any of these photos!!.. y'all look more like 3-0s to me!!.. Happy Birthday sista!! :)


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