Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DMV. Take One.

Some things just have to be done. Going to the DMV is one of them. We had a triple appointment today (Lauren's first driving permit, my license renewal, Kirk's car registration).

California's state furloughs have increased the backlog at the DMV. The average wait (without an appointment) is 2.5 hours. This line doesn't show the crowd of people waiting on the right side and outside the building.

Kirk's smiling because I made an appointment (for all three of us).

I asked permission to take pictures in a state office. The clerk was puzzled (no one asks to take pictures in the DMV, but she agreed because Lauren was applying for her first permit).

The clerk asked Lauren if we take a lot of pictures. Lauren smiled and nodded.

Taking her vision test.

Passed the vision test. Check out the clerk's smile (and the look on the other clerks faces).

Thumbprint completed. Next, dreaded driver's license picture.

Last stop before the written test.

Sadly, we're all returning to the DMV. I've made another appointment for three of us.

1) Lauren didn't pass the written test. (Missed by 2)
2) I didn't pass my vision test. (Need to wear my nearsighted contacts)
3) Kirk couldn't register Lauren's car. (Forgot proof of insurance).

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  1. Ah hah! I found another person who takes pictures at the DMV!!! Yes, I did take pictures at the DMV too and yes, everyone DOES think you're crazy! So funny...


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