Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poster Shots

Lauren wanted a poster for for a blank spot on her wall. So, we went downtown to shoot some pictures and brought Spencer along.

The finished poster. (Trying to make it artsy).

Some kids were skateboarding around us. Spencer watched a bit while Lauren got bored.

I love the this picture.

This one makes me laugh. I asked her to lean back and they laughed when she squished him.

They stopped laughing for this one.  Cute.

It was so cold outside. She put her cold hand to his face and he just grinned.

Last one.  Time to go because I was cold and my hands started to shake!

For all the pictures, click here


  1. Gorgeous pics Teresa. Wow, your girl is growing. She's beautiful. Love the background.

  2. Kristi -- Thanks for your nice words about the pics and my girl! Growing? Ugh. I wish she was turning 8 instead of 18...

  3. Adorable! And great spot for pictures.


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa