Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday (New Year), Kirk!

It's become a tradition to get Chinese Baos from ABC Bakery on Kirk's birthday (New Year's Day). We celebrated in Sacramento at Alex & Lani's. It's great starting the year together. Baos and birthday cake (cupcakes) find a place on the table today! Happy Birthday, Kirk!

Gotta love anything in a pink bakery box.

Boxes of siopao (aka baos).  Teddy ordered barbeque pork (char siu), chicken, and dessert baos.

Kirk found the baos

Barbeque pork. Yum!

Kirk and his girl

Birthday cupcakes

Lani made the cupcakes and I helped frost the two varieties (chocolate and lemon). Double stack!

A prayer for the Kirk's birthday and the New Year. Love it.

Chocolate cupcakes lit!

Make a wish!  Happy Birthday!

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  1. singing...
    "happy, happy birthday from all of us to you..
    we're glad that it's your birthday..
    so we can party, too.. YAY!!"

    haha :D ..for you kirk!!..we enjoyed the cupcakes and baos all weekend!


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