Tuesday, January 5, 2010

West Coast Jamboree (12.28-31.2009)

Lauren's basketball team played in a four-day tournament (three games at Pittsburg High and one game at Antioch High).  The team didn't do well in the tournament but it served as a learning experience playing against highly athletic teams from around the country. There were some fun and memorable moments though.

Lauren (5'4") trying to guard #23 (a 6'6" sophomore!)  Remember David and Goliath?

Lauren and her teammate, Haleigh (6'2") try to deny the pass to The Giant (6'6").

Cracks me up.  That's a Smug Mug.                     

She kept trying to make those baskets.

Small people work hard. Even if it means a faceful of armpit. Eww.

For all the tournament pictures, click here

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  1. I'm sorry but I love this last picture!!
    You GO Girl!!!!!!!!


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