Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BART to San Francisco

Our basketball group made a day trip into San Francisco via BART (Bay Area RapidTransit).  It was a fun commute as it was a first-time ride on the BART for many in our group. 

Last out-of-town tournament for the seniors:  Haleigh, Alle and Lauren

Happy commuters

Lauren always sleeps when she travels. Darniesha provided a comfy (and willing) lap.

You know you're in San Francisco when you see (and hear) a cable car.

Trinkets for sale from a sidewalk vendor.

The Christmas Tree was still decorated in Union Square

Kirk, Elizabeth and I walked while the rest of the group shopped on Market Street.  We strolled past Union Square into Chinatown. 

Elizabeth gets ready to try her chicken noodle pho

We all ordered the same dish on this cold day ... chicken pho with clear rice noodles. Yum!

Condiments for pho (jalapenos, red chili pepper pods, shoyu and fish sauce).

In San Francisco, people freely express their opinions.  Hmmm.

People waited to use this sidewalk toilet but it was occupied a long time.  Not for me though.

This was our meeting place -- Forever 21 on Market Street.  Time to ride the BART back to the hotel.

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  1. ya just gotto LOVE everything about San Francisco.. guess that's why so many hearts were left there!


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