Thursday, February 25, 2010


It was a small birthday gathering for Lauren.  She chose sushi with a select group of friends. 
I couldn't take pictures of food inside Roe as lights were dimmed when dinner started.
Everyone had a fun time at dinner ... we ate sushi for two and a half hours!

Birthday cake.  German Chocolate cake tradition. 
My mother made them for our birthdays.
(She's gone now and can't do this for Lauren, so I make them for her).

We went to dinner at Roe on Palm Avenue.

Roe has three window murals outside the restaurant.  So beautiful. 
This one reminds me of Lauren.

Another mural (woman with a fan)

Last mural (closest to the entrance).

Six high school seniors (Alec, Nikki, Jess, Alejandra, Lauren and Spencer)

Jessica made this cute "frog with sushi" birthday card.

Lauren's Happy Face.  A couple friends gave her jewelry.

Blingy bling things.  Like this sparkly colored heart ring.

After dinner, the kids changed into PJs for movies. 
We were so stuffed that birthday cake was at midnight.

Ready for cake now.

Make a good wish!

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Two days later, on her actual birthday (2/23), these friends came by the house at 5:30am with balloons and candy bouquets to ambush her while sound asleep in bed.  Surprise!  

I knew about the surprise, so I prepared a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, potatoes, hot cocoa and orange juice for all of us before heading to school/work.  {yawn}  Fun start to a birthday although they made me promise --- no pictures! --- because they had Bedhead Hair and no makeup, too.


  1. You're making me jealous. I want to be Lauren's friend and eat German Chocolate cake and have breakfast made for me at 5:30am. Actually - it would be nice just to be 18 again. Happy Birthday Lauren!!

  2. Wow!! What a fun birthday!! I love it that all those girls were at your house so early in the morning..what fun for Lauren.
    Great job on the breakfast and cake mom!!

  3. Aww so cute! Looks like they had so much fun. Lauren is such a beautiful girl. And what an awesome Mom you are! Love you both.


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