Monday, February 1, 2010


I played around with adding texture to a photo.  I had some textures filed away to try on a cold, quiet weekend.

Grungy paper texture

The original print                                                              

The original print + grungy paper + handcrafted watermark.
I like the warmth and urban edge it added to the photo.

On another quiet weekend, I'll try some vintage film texture.  Fun!


  1. very cool!!!!!
    I like it!!
    Grundge is fun!!

  2. Wow! What a difference in the picture. I love that. You will be happy to know I am taking a photography class online to learn how to use this beast. Still need lots of practice but I am in the process of learning. I don't know that I will catch up to you though.
    Great pic!!

  3. Eliz -- thanks!

    Kristi -- I do like the difference in the picture from the grunge paper texture (btw, it was a freebie so I can send it to you for one of your blue moon quiet weekends).

    Yay on the online photography class! In the photography style that appeals to me, I think technique is little without the creativity to "see" ... so you will not only catch up, but exceed me because you're so imaginative!

  4. I love playing with textures on photos! That is a great illustration of the comparion! You rock girl!


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa