Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I remember when Nicole was born. The baby monitor in her bedroom was on the same frequency as Lauren's so I would hear Nicole and Lauren crying at the same time. The days have passed so quickly and now Nicole's a high school senior at Central High. This weekend, I shot pictures of her before she left with her friend, John, for Central's Winter Formal.

Nicole, you've always had a beautiful face.

I like the small details.  Nice earrings.

Sparkly necklace.

The sequins and flower pattern on the shawl.

Shiny patent leather heels.

The front of the dress.  Oo la la!

The awkward and embarrassing moment of placing the corsage.

Nicole & John

A shot with the proud mamas.

I see the baby next door is gone.  Nicole, you've blossomed into a beautiful young woman. 

Click here for all the pictures.


  1. OMG! I did not know that was the Nicole that I knew until I saw Mom! Oh geez do I ever feel old now! She is beautiful! And Teresa, your photos are gorgeous! I love the pic of her shoes! Wow, I'm still feeling so old now! LOL

  2. Great pics Teresa!!! I just realized the Nicole was Terry's daughter..flashback!!
    She is beautiful!! I love the detailed pics you got. Sometimes I forget those.

  3. Sheri & Kristi: Isn't that so cool to see a little girl all grown up? But, yes, it does age us, doesn't it? And, thanks for your nice comments on the pictures!


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa