Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sushi for A's

Lauren & Spencer both made the Principal's Honor Roll (3.5 to 4.0 GPA) at Bullard High. When Lauren makes good grades (she had a 3.87), she gets a banana split. This time, she wanted to eat lunch at Wassabi with Spencer.  She taught him how to use hashi (chopsticks) today and he fiercely struggled to finish his entire meal with hashi (and a pinkie cramp!) 

Spencer's unsure about sushi and sashimi.  Think he considered bolting, but Lauren grabbed him.

We ordered box lunches and each came with salad and miso soup.

Wasabi and pickled red ginger for the spicy tuna roll.

"You hold the hashi like this..."

"Yes, that's right."

Ok, he's feeling pretty confident. Time to try with food now.

We all had grilled ahi tuna. Then, Lauren and I had a spicy tuna roll while Spencer had beef teriyaki. Yum.

He did it! Lauren grins when Spencer finally get the beef teriyaki between the hashi!

Good job on the grades, guys!
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  1. Congrats Lauren and Spencer. That's awesome! All your hard work will pay off, I promise.
    Teresa, don't you love it to see your kids excelling like that. My Kameron just got an award for a 3.92. He was most excited but was wanting the gold sticker for the 4.0. lol!

  2. Kristi -- you're right, excelling at grades makes me a proud mama. I'm happy to acknowledge the effort and celebrate with a banana split or a meal. Woohoo for Kameron ... 3.92? Yay! If he gets 4.0, let me know and I'll send him a double-double with fries at In-N-Out!:D


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