Monday, April 26, 2010

Eyelashes 101.

After her first Bullard Composition performance (another post for that), I asked Lauren if she wanted to try false eyelashes for the next performance. "YES!" she said.

Auntie Patty to the rescue!

She met us at CVS, showed us what to get (and why) then we followed her home for the application. Eyelashes by Ardell.  They're long, natural-looking, and you can see through them. $4.99.

Patty's tool box.

She put on Lauren's eye makeup (with sparkles). No eyelashes yet.

I've never seen pointed-tip cotton swabs before today. She said it's easier to apply and spread the adhesive with these swabs. (Duo eyelash adhesive, clear and waterproof, $6.99).

Start from the outer corner to the inner corner. Then, press, press, press to blot.  Otherwise, you'll end up with oozing adhesive which will sting and make the eyes water.

Examining her work in the mirror.
 "What do you think, Lauren?"
 "Uh huhhh. I like it," she replies.

Lauren definitely likes the look. (The three of us ended up in this mirror shot).

Few more touchups.

Eyeliner on top covers the adhesive.

The finished lashes. Happy Smile.

Thank you, Auntie Patty. You made Lauren feel so girly for this special day!

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  1. How sweet! Everyone needs an Aunt Patty! Lauren looks beautiful as always!


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