Monday, April 19, 2010

Sadie Hawkins Dance

Lauren and Spencer went to the Sadie Hawkins Dance at Bullard.  The Sadie Hawkins is a tradition in the US where female students invite male students and pay for dance tickets, photos, meals, etc. (opposite of the usual custom of males asking females to school dances).

She had difficulty coming up with an outfit for them to wear, but decided on a sailor theme (sailing around the world, she said). 

This year's invitation and theme, A Knight Around the World.

She found these shirts at H&M in Modesto (we stopped there after the softball tournament in Tracy).  In the sailor theme, she picked a shirt with a navy blue sequined anchor and a white and navy-striped polo for Spencer.  (Do sailors wear sequins?)

She just returned from a Bullard softball tournament with barely time for shower, hair and makeup.  No time for pre-dance dinner (Taco Bell later).  They stopped for quick shots then headed to the dance. They both said it was fun -- the DJ was awesome so the music was great, they danced a lot and had more fun than the Winter Formal in December!


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