Monday, November 17, 2008

Lunch, Ladies?

Yes, I’m talking to you --- Julie Nomura, Vicky Lowe,
Shari Lee & Norma Rodriguez! Last time we went to lunch was Friday, 9.28.07 at the Mediterranean Grill. We were supposed to do it again soon … but, 14 months have passed!

Ok … the holidays are around the corner and things will start spinning soon. Let's do it before 2009!

How about a lunch date this Friday at noon, 11.21.08? Maybe LaBoulangerie in Fig Garden or Sweet Tomatoes on Shaw?

Start the conversation below and let’s go eat!


  1. Hi Everyone,

    This friday works for me,La Boulangerie is my vote. Hope this works for everyone else, looking forward to catching up .

    Love, Vicky

  2. Vicky -- cool to hear from you! Glad Fri works for you plus another vote for La Bou from me. Btw, Christmas Programs at Northpointe are 12/21 @ 4pm, 12/22 @ 7pm, 12/23 @ 7pm & 12/24 @ 4pm. Free tickets available after Thanksgiving. Let me know if you want me to pick them up for you.

    Just talked with Doug. He said no internet at their house and Shari not interested in learning! He'll have Shari call me tonight after her bible study.

  3. Sheri said Friday is fine, she votes for La Bou. So far, Vicky, Shari & Teresa are in for lunch, 3 votes for
    La Bou. Now we wait for Julie & Norma.

  4. Hi Lunch Ladies!
    Yes, I can meet this Friday too. La Boulangerie is my vote as well. Can't wait to see all of you gals again. Miss you all! See you on Friday!

  5. Hey, can I go too? No one ever invites me anywhere. I like La Bou too. The guys never invite ME for lunch!

  6. okay, I am a real goof
    I got so excited with this blog that
    when I said yes to Friday and looked at
    my calendar which was not updated, I said YES!
    Of course 2 hours later, I realize that I have
    a meeting scheduled at 12:00 p.m. at FCBC Please meet anyways because it sounds so fun, and maybe I can still join you if you are having a leisurely lunch.
    Does anyone want to go to Northpoints Christmas
    program on Monday, December 22nd at 7:00 p.m.
    Maybe we can catch dinner before hand??

    So sorry for my mistake- getting old and so forgetful.


  7. Vicky -- meeting? Ugh. Just won't be the same if you're not there. We may have to rethink this. Fridays after Thanksgiving become more difficult because of holiday-stuff, although I AM the only one going back to work that Friday. I'll get back to you on the Christmas Program, too.

    Kirk! What are you doing in here? Sorry, ladies ... this dude wandering around belongs to me. Ay!

  8. Oh bummer Vicky. Maybe (hopefully) your meeting will get cancelled. :)How long do you think your meeting will last? Maybe we can meet at 1pm if that's better. I agree with Teresa--our ladies lunch won't be the same without you. I will be out of town the Friday after Thanksgiving so I can't make it that Friday. Vicky, Dec. 22nd sounds good for us for the Christmas program at N/P.
    Hey I like this blog stuff---I think you created a monster in me now that I know about this. Shari & Norma---let's get you both up to speed with the computer. And Kirk, you can join us ladies for lunch anytime as long as you can wear a skirt to it.

  9. Okay Julie, I guess I won't be at this luncheon because I don't do skirts. Maybe I can go another time when there are no dress codes and I can go casual. Ha! Ha! I'm getting out of this conversation.

  10. Julie - good idea about pushing back to 1pm. Ok with me bc I'd rather have Vicky there.

    Vicky - you think your meeting will end by 1pm?

    Kirk - I love you, but skirts aren't part of our marriage vows. Wasn't that a recent Barbara Walters special?

    Just saw Norma at My Dentist (yo, Larry!) and I'm meeting her at home for Blog Sign-Up class. So - you'll hear from her later.

  11. hi it's norma i have plans with may mom in the moring. i can be there at 1:00. Just let me know

  12. hi girls-
    wish I could cancel meeting, but I'm the one who
    arranged it. We have a new associate Pastor and need to catch him up to speed with our Christian Education program. If you don't mind changing the lunch to 1:00, I may have more chance to join
    you. Whatever works best for the group, is okay with me


  13. Welcome aboard Norma! So everyone, Friday at 1pm @ La Boulangerie? And if so, Vicky just come on over and join us after your meeting. 1:00pm is probably a better time anyways because I've been to La Boulangerie during the noon hour and its so busy, its hard to find a table. It'll be cleared out by 1pm.

  14. Yay! We did it! I'll call Shari tomorrow and tell her the final outcome. 1pm on Fri @ La Bou.

    Side note - after Blog Sign-Up at the Rodriguez house, we (me, Kirk, Lauren, Gary & Norma) went to Del Taco for Taco Night. We had 28 tacos (plus 1 fish taco for Gary). Two trays of tacos! Uh, kinda embarrassing. I now have a big taco bellyache now...

  15. Oh I love all you ladies and my silly Pop!

    Thanks for the giggles first thing in the morning! :)

  16. Was GREAT having lunch with all you gals! Its just so nice to sit down on a beautiful day outside and have girl talk. I thought for sure Teresa you would have the 50 pictures taken on this blog site. Will have to do this again and not wait 14 mos. next time. Teresa, thanks so much for getting this lunch scheduled. You're awesome!
    Vicky, thanks so much for the Macy's Benefit Day coupon. I went this morning and was there at Macy's for at least 1-1/2 hours and got some great deals. You're awesome too!

  17. Mamma! Where are the pics? :)

    Ok ok... I know I take your photographic awesomeness for granted. I'm sorry. I just know that there's some great shots there.


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa