Sunday, November 23, 2008

Source of French Fries

At the end of his sermon yesterday, Pastor Shane Ham related an incident in his car. It struck a chord with me. He just left a fast food window with Audrey, his 4 year old daughter, seated in her car seat with a bag of steaming French fries.

“Can Daddy have a French fry?” he asked her.

“No!” she answered quickly and emphatically.

Shane was disappointed, but not surprised by her childish response. He was her father—she didn’t realize he could have reached back and just taken her fries. He could have driven back to the restaurant and bought a whole bushel of fries! He didn’t have to ask her, he was able to get his own fries.

Just like that, God is often saddened by our selfish, childish responses.

He asks us to for things, not out of his need or lack, but to test the condition of our hearts. Are we cheerful and eager to give back what He has willingly provided to us?

Next time God asks you for a French fry, say “Yes!”

I know our Father will be pleased and smile. Then,
just sit, share the meal, and enjoy fellowship with Him.

Indeed, God is the willing provider and source of all your fries.


  1. What a great analogy! I whole-heartedly agree with you Mom.

    As I wept to you and Pop yesterday, I mentioned how sometimes it's scary or difficult to give that french fry, but with simple trust in the Lord, your lack will always be fulfilled. God powerfully touched my life yesterday and as a reward for having faith in Him he opened my eyes and heart even more to his glory.

    Thanks for beautifully sharing a wonderful lesson.

  2. That's so true Teresa. Thanks for sharing that word.

  3. This rings true in my car too. Great word...I'll remember that one..

  4. This means a lot - especially considering I was notorious for never sharing my french fries.


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa