Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Cousin Bubba

Bubba & I have been chatting over the phone over a year, but finally met in person on Friday, 11.28.08. We are second cousins (his mother Mary May Martinez-Artero and my mother Norma Estrada Capacia are first cousins). He spent most of his growing years on Guam.

Bubba’s wife, Clarissa, is stationed at Travis AFB (in Medical Administration) in Fairfield, CA. Prior to Travis AFB, they were stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, MS for a year. Before that they spent 5 years at Geilenkirchen NATO AFB, Germany.

We met Bubba, Clarissa & Gabe at the Nut Tree Village in Vacaville. We found a table in the little park, then gathered up tables and chairs so we could visit for a few hours. It was fun meeting cousins for the first time and discovering we have lots of things in common with our Hawaiian-accented, Guamanian-Filipino cousins. Kinda cool to have a cousin named Bubba.

Bottom (lt to rt): Clarissa Artero, Gabe Artero,
Lauren Zenimura & Norman Capacia
Top (lt to rt): Kirk Zenimura, Bubba Artero, Teresa Zenimura, Teddy Capacia, Lani & Alex Capacia

Everybody ... make funny face

Can't walk past a Christmas tree without taking a family picture, eh?

It sure was cold that night.
Bubba and Clarissa brought us
here for hot bowls of pho.
Thanks for treating us, too!

After pho, we shopped at a asian market across the parking lot and walked off some of our dinner. We walked to the fish section and asked each other, "Hey, how you cook that?" or "Cook that for me next time!" If everything works out, we'll see you again at New Years ... food and ukelele in hand!

To see all the pictures taken, click here


  1. How fun! What a great reunion with family. I love the Nut Tree in Vacaville!

  2. Sheri-- I love seeing all your comments sprinkled around the blog! Feels like you're right next door. Thanks for being nearby. :)

  3. I'm glad that you met your cousin Bubba! The pics came out great and it looks like you guys sure had fun!

  4. It's already been a week!!..since that fun afternoon meeting the cousins..for me, talking with Bubba and Clarissa felt a little nostalgic, bringing back memories of Guam, minus the warm tropical weather!!


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa