Monday, November 10, 2008

On Old Friends

An all-girls' Catholic High School.
That's our school. Holy Family Academy.

I haven't seen Irene Masloff-Carlos and Angela de los Santos-Giordano since graduating from high school at Holy Family in Baguio City, Philippines in 1976.
It was a long time ago and so far away.

We met last Friday and Saturday (11.7-8) at Angela's home in Fairfield, CA. Irene (Friendswood, TX), Madeline Cardenas-Gabel (Union City, CA), Cleo Johnston and me.

Madeline has stayed in touch with me over the years and Cleo was their friend from St. Louis Girl's High before they all transferred to Holy Family. It was a slumber party so we changed into jammies then ate, laughed and talked for hours.
So many years to fill in.

I was 16 the last time I saw Angela. When I saw Angela at her front door, we just stopped and curiously gazed at each other. A little surprised ... a lot reminiscent. She was the same girl I remembered -- fair, tall and slender.

Then, the warm tears spilled.
Not tears of sadness, just tears of tender remembrance.

Back then, we shared notes and bond paper, chattered about Sister Hosanna, shared bags of Chippy, garlicky chichacorn, Choco-Nut and bites of sticky, gooey, banana-que.

At Angela's, we shared juicy tender rib-eye roast, asparagus, reading eyeglasses, stories of raising families, and the pain of lost loves over bottles of wine. Vino makes you tell tales.

Our school was different. We were together all day long.
Students never changed desks or classrooms ... subjects changed so teachers moved rooms.
Always together.

Angela said to take home leftovers from our gathering. That way, our party can continue in each home.

Never thought of it like that.

As I shared the leftovers with my family, I brought the reunion party home. Then, I thought of each of you. Happy tummy.

Old friends are special people
    you know and see from the heart.
No matter what or where
    life brings them.
No matter how many
   years have passed,
   you instantly reconnect and pick up
    right where you left off.
As though time,
    and distance,
       and aging,
          never happened.

To view galleries of all the pictures, click the following links: here and here.


  1. Hello Teresa! Nice blog.... did you write that poem in the end... very touching indeed!

  2. Hi Irene! Poem? It wasn't intentional (I just broke up my sentence in lines that make sense to me, but ... thanks! Love your smiles!

  3. Hi Ladies --

    I jsut wrote my comments all the way at the bottom of your BLOG Teresa -- not sure where that is going to end up BUT to reiterate what I said on that --- old friends are the best as we can truly be ourselves with them. Your blog is really nicely worded, Ms. President (as Irene would say)

  4. The following comment is from Madeline (the comment was in the 'Blog Journey' post below, so I cut-and-pasted' it here):

    Teresa - You worded our gathering in such beautiful words and the pictures you took are so wonderful. It was amazing getting together with old friends -- it is true that old friends are the best as you can truly be yourself with them. That is exactly what I felt as soon as I entered Angela's home - the welcome was so warm and sincere from all the ladies. I am looking forward to the next gathering --- I wouldn't mind hosting the next one. Take care.... (from Madeline)

  5. See Teresa! This is what blogging is all about. We can all come and share in this wonderful memory and enjoy the kind words and fun you shared! Your post was so amazing and I loved seeing the photos. We could feel the special bond that you all share!

  6. Mom, I'm so glad that you started this blog.

    I read it and tears were brought to my eyes. Your insight always amazes me. My heart knows the how distance and years affect friendships.

    As a little girl, I looked up to your beauty and wisdom, but now as a woman and mother, myself, I see and know that those qualities in you are genuine and unique. I am so greatful to be your daughter. Thank you for sharing those special memories with us.


Thanks for sharing your comments! -Teresa