Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sachi's Liposuction

We picked up Sachi the Bear in Denver about 10 years ago. Lauren decided that Sachi was too firm, not cuddly anymore. So, we took her to the mall for some unstuffing (wish I could unstuff MYSELF at the mall).

Sachi (before)

The saleslady was a little surprised but agreed to remove some stuffing

Lauren's expressions changed, but she watched everything

Some bear "fat" being removed

Bear surgery, from the look of things (people started looking, at this point)

Time for sutures


All's good. Sachi even got new ribbons.

When I was taking this photo, mall security tapped me on the shoulder. What? You want my memory card? You're kidding ... I was taking pictures of a bear being unstuffed, then a shot outside to remember the store. Thank you. Seriously --- I'm not a terrorist (just mamarazzi).

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  1. You've got to be kidding? Don't even think about messing with my memory card, dude! I WILL take you down! LOL...just kidding. Cute post. We will pray for a quick recovery for Sachi!


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