Saturday, August 1, 2009


What did I want for an anniversary gift? A lens bag!

I've been eyeing these soft, flexible neoprene bags for about a year, unsure if I'd find it usable. After dragging around a backpack, it seems there IS a better way to carry just another lens (and some small items).

I seem to wait until something's discontinued before I decide I want it. The cover
I wanted reminds me of Japanese yen (funny, Shootsac calls this print "Money").
When we were kids living in Japan, I was fascinated by the hole in this coin.
The rep found ONE of these discontinued covers in a warehouse.
Matt -- thanks for tracking this down and the great customer service!

UPS delivered this

Yay! It has my name on it!

Such a pretty box

The baroque black-and-white pattern here
is their best selling bag cover

Although I prefer plain things ... especially, black

But, here's the coveted yen pattern. Nice.

Lauren modeled it for me

For info on the Shootsac, click here.


  1. SO jealous!! I love Shootsacs - they're adorable with such awesome fabrics. And you're right - that box rocks. I would keep that for regifting at Christmas... only I'd only put James' or Emily's gifts in there so I never have to give it away.

  2. Ooooh you know I am salivating over that baby! Great bag. I love those! You're anniversary gifts sound like, perfume, clothes, no way...give me gadgets!!!

  3. Michele -- you KNOW I'm keeping the box! I'll have to consider that regifting thing, goo.

    Sheri -- that's one of the reasons I love you, Gadget Girl!


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