Monday, August 3, 2009

Sweet Summer Veggies

In the grocery store, Lauren appeared with sweet peppers (red, yellow and green),
a large onion and two crowns of broccoli. Said she had something in mind for dinner (with leftover chicken). I don't argue with anyone who offers to cook.

When she started sauteing, she asked, "Mama. Aren't you going to take a picture?"
Sure! By the way, the colors of these veggies are beautiful, Lauren.

She added in the tomatoes our neighbor gave us

The cook
The cook and the dishwasher at work. They're ignoring me now.
Guess that means I should help and set the table.


  1. Yummy! Hey, she can come cook dinner at my house anytime! I'm always for having someone else cook!

  2. What a sweetheart. I don't think I ever offered to cook dinner when I lived at home - I'm so ashamed. The peppers and onion are the key ingredients in "James' Famous Fajitas." A must try. :-)


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