Monday, August 24, 2009

Senior Moments

On Monday, August 17, Lauren started her first day as a high school senior. Ugh. I'm embarrassed to admit, I'm as weepy today as I was the first day she started preschool. From that very first day, we shot a series of pictures: waking up, standing by the front door to measure her height, her backpack-of-the-year and with her Pop in the front yard. Then, her Pop shoots a video and interviews her about her thoughts and plans for the year.

This year, we did the same photographing/video routine. Only, this will be the last in that series. (Kinda wierd to do that when your girl goes to college, huh?) Yup, Lauren's got a fun year of senior moments ahead.

Lauren wakes up with Olivia (the otter)

Hey, stay up now (I had to shake her back up again after this)

Can't leave home without the makeup

Front door height (she's taller than the doorknob now).
No more backpack (she throws everything in her new book-purse).
I wonder if she'll laugh at her clothes 20 years from now.

Pop and Lo in the front yard

I drove by her school and saw a new welcome sign with balloons. Go Knights!

Two days later, she started back at CART (Center for Advanced Research & Technology) in Clovis. She was one of eight seniors selected as Ambassadors (to help underclassmen assimilate) and received this shirt as a uniform.

She wanted another shot with Pop with the new shirt

She got up early to make breakfast (eggs with Uncle Ruel's tomatoes, longanisa sausage from Auntie Malou and fried rice)

Every morning, they start their day with a prayer. Knowing that, life's good, yes?


  1. Does this post ever bring back memories? Get ready Teresa, the senior year is full of "last times" and lots of weepy days! But it is a fun year and you're going to have a blast with all the fun things you get to do with your girl during this year. We have a lot of fun memories of senior year...just enjoy it!

  2. Okay, that last picture has me in tears. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my hormones, either.


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