Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fresno Greek Fest

Every year, our friend, Bill, gives us tickets for the Merchants Lunch at Fresno's Greek Fest (the only Greek Festival west of the Mississippi that cooks 94% of it's food from scratch!) The 49th annual Greek Fest was held at his church, St. George Greek Orthodox Church. Thanks, Bill.

The interior of the church has been undergoing an iconography project for the past 3 years (expected to be completed by the end of 2009). After an extensive search, an iconographer was located in Russia. Preliminary sketches were drawn, then full-scale templates were prepared for transfer to the ceiling when the artist and assistant arrived from Russia. Valery Butyrsky is a renowned iconographer and educator who has painted religious icons in churches and cathedrals in Russia.

Beautiful ceiling

There was scaffolding throughout the sanctuary so iconographers can complete their three-year project on the sanctuary ceiling.

This painting of Jesus (framed by scaffolding) is on the ceiling in the middle of the church. It looked like this painting was on a lightbox because it was so bright. Amazingly, it was the quality and color of the paint used.

Ornate golden bird podium stand

Lots of gold paint was used (or perhaps gilding) on the ceiling and wall ornaments. See the beautiful gold shimmer around the halos, especially of the child Jesus?

This painting is on the ceiling. There's heavy gold paint (or gilding) on the halos around the angels and the cross.

This beautiful depiction of the Madonna and child Jesus was recessed on the altar wall. Lots gold on the wall behind them and outlining the wall designs.

This colorful scene tops the sanctuary exit. Four circles of stained glass surround a cross. Moses to the left, Jesus to the right. The angel above them has scales on her wings with a banner of "Justice" over the right scale.

This tall stained glass window was one of many along the sides of the church.

Our friend, Bill, stops working to shoot a photo with Kirk. He volunteers every year to put up booths for the festival and for any needed handywork.

Uhh, I have NO idea how to say that. Zax... Does it mean pastry or coffee, or both?

Macadamia-topped baklava behind the counter glass

Assorted dessert boxes ... 3 treats per box. $5 per box, please

These honey and spice Greek cookies (melomakarona) were popular

My favorite is the sweet, honey-laden baklava

This sweet dessert had honey and walnuts, too.

That's powdered sugar all over those cookies. Believe me, you'll have trouble if you accidentally inhale that sugar. Ahhhh-chooo!

My favorite, classic Greek Moussaka (eggplant, meat sauce, topped with a thick bechamel white sauce). In the back is Pastichio (Greek Lasagna with meat sauce). Everything is served with rice pilaf, a roll and a thick slice of local sweet cantaloupe.

What's a Greek meal without a Greek salad with beautiful olives. Tomatoes are in season so they're sweet and juicy. I'm not a fan of cheese but I love this delicious Greek feta (goat cheese).

So hot outside, but the dark mesh tarps shielded the bright valley sun off the diners. We had a great time at the Merchant's Lunch. Tonight and tomorrow night is dancing, music and more food. Opa!

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  1. What a fun experience!! I'm sure I'd love to attend and sample when I'm not pregnant!


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