Thursday, December 3, 2009

Candy Apples

Abel's Apple Acres (Apple Hill, Placerville, CA) is one of our favorite stops. Kirk and Lauren always stop to get a caramel apple here. Next time, I'll photograph all the varieties of caramel apples they carry.  So delicious and hard to choose just one!

Yummy caramel candy apples

White chocolate candy sprinkles

Chocolate swirls!

Marshmallow sticks covered with caramel and nuts

Lots of caramel and nut-covered apples

Closer look of those caramel and nut enrobed apples

This is the Apple Pie Caramel Apple (covered in caramel and white fudge, then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar). Seriously. Looks like apple pie on a stick!


  1. Gee I never new there was 'apple art'. Very cool it all looks GREAT! I hope you took some home with you. And hope you had a wonderful time on Thanksgiving.

  2. ohh sooo many apples.. now why didn't we bring some of these home, at least the Apple Pie Caramel Apple!!


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